Yayi Joyce grew up in Brooklyn, New York but it was a highly Geechee spiritual household that made it known she came from a long line of spiritual women which led her to become an interfaith minister. And to take her home herbal knowledge that was passed down to her by her grandmothers and great aunts a step further and become a certified aromatherapist and herbalist and has an undying passion for helping others uncover the mysteries of their soul led to a passion for astrology. And she has combined her astrological passion with herbology and host’s a hoodoo healing circle for women of color.

She has handcrafted herbal aromatherapy line for self-care, healing & intention setting, called Living Joyful Now. Yayi Joyce decided In 2013 to take her spiritual path full time to the community by teaching meditation, spiritual leadership, mindfulness, & shamanic practices, hoodoo healing and astrological magick. Yayi Joyce passion is to help people bring harmony to their spiritual practice through herbal, astrological and planetary magick and to teach how one can boost their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of self with the use of the planets and stars.