I believe divination and magic are a means of enhancing our lives and my goal in working with you is to help you make your life better. I am a diviner and a spiritual worker. My divination experience spans over 40 years and I have been studying and working with hoodoo since 2003.

After much study, practice, and under the guidance of spirit, I have developed a contemporary bone-reading method that I find both spiritually uplifting and practical. I believe that bone reading is a gift from the ancestors, and that they wish to see us, their descendants, be successful and prosperous.

Ancestor Work

My specialty is working with the ancestors and I will petition them on your behalf if you need assistance in this area. As a digital artist, I can create a custom ancestor portrait that combines several photographs into one image, providing you with an attractive framed display in the African-American tradition of honoring your ancestors on your own home altar. I also love to teach and I will provide spiritual training to assist you in building your own connection with the ancestors.


I maintain a candle ministry where I will prepare, dress, and pray over a candle or series of candles on your behalf. I believe in the efficacy of prayer and I believe that our ancestors stand ready to help us if called. Your candle will burn on my candle altar and I will provide you with a report at its conclusion.


phone: 619-828-3388

email: michele@bonesshellsandcurios.com

website: http://bonesshellsandcurios.com/

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