With a deep, booming voice that was made for radio and a ready laugh that sets guests and callers alike at ease, Candelo Kimbisa uses his encyclopedic knowledge of the mysterious world of African religions to educate, enlighten and entertain.
Candelo began to work with community clients as a healer and diviner, eventually coming into contact with producers from KDCL, an internet radio station hosting various shows on paranormal topics. He was soon offered a guest spot, and eventually his own show; recalls Candelo, “after prodding, I finally got up the guts and I did it…. I was nervous as hell, I’d never done radio!”

Today the “Art Bell of Palo Mayombe” lives in Southern Florida with his dog “Ndoki”, where he’s writing a supernatural novel based on Palo and the ATRs. Calm and at peace, he chuckles at his youthful errors, nothing that “everything in life happens for a reason… but sometimes it takes a powerful shock to change your course and find your real mission in life.”

His thousands of fans and loyal listeners will definitely agree that he has!