Professor Ames / Traditional southern rootworker

Professor Ames is a traditional Southern rootworker originally from near Memphis and New Orleans, specializing in life change, career, and business success. Enhanced with certification in Past Life Regression hypnosis, astrology, Coactive coaching, and mediumship, Professor Ames has the tools and techniques to help you move forward in life and overcome obstacles to achieving your desires. Professor Ames is owner of the Skullbone Emporium, based in Fort Collins, Colorado and provides readings, consultation, candlework, graveyard and crossroads work as well as custom hoodoo products including mojo bags, jackballs and dollbabies. Services are available by appointment via phone, or in-person in Fort Collins or in Denver.


CLASS: Foot Track Magic

Watch Where You Step! Hoodoo is full of spells concerned with the feet. From the use of foot tracks as a magical proxy to spells involving shoes to powders laid for the enemy to step through. Foot magic is a vestige of original African practices that survived to modern day.