I live my life from a spiritual and magical place, seeking guidance from my guides and the universe as I see it. When Joel, my husband wanted to look at a property for a business I was less than excited about changing my life. The morning we were to go see it with our realtor, I asked my guides to please give me a sign if I was to support this “dream” with my husband. I was not going to allow myself to be charmed by this beautiful inn, instead relying upon my guides to show me if it was right or not. Once inside, I left the group and went into the Library room where there were about 3000 books. I was drawn to the back of the Library and there at my eye level was a book my father had written. Now, my fathers books are law books. Not something you will find in a  private or public library. You will see this in a lawyers office of an attorney who specializes in my fathers field or judges chambers who is presiding over a case in my fathers field. Very unlikely find! My father is my total hero and I would consult him before I would consult God, truly. So after seeing this, i k new it was where we were to plant our lives.

Joel and I purchased the Lumber Baron Inn after what we believe was a full calling to this property.  I believe it us we, who are to be the next physical and spiritual caretakers of this unique and spirit filled property.

The Lumber Baron was built in 1890 as a private residence. Through the years it has only changed ownership 5 times, including us. the property is believed to be a portal of some sort and is very active  with spirits who dwell here and some just pass through. We view them as our family. I know my role here is to be mother to the two teenage girls who died here in 1970. I see my job at the Lumber Baron as one of spiritual caretaker. The spirits in this house play a huge role in my everyday life. Just like spirits all around each of us. 

Having the Conjure Gala at the Lumber Baron Inn is so exciting to us because whatever your belief or practice is, taking time to honor our ancestors and the spirits around us allows us to grow and live together in the best way possible.