Ryan or Brother R.J. James / logistic coordinator for conjure gala Series

Brother R.J. James an experienced Rootworker, Bone Reader, and Medium and spiritual worker. Combining traditional practices with a modern approach, he uses a combination off tools such as bone reading, mediumship, and spiritual work to help others find direction and get what they want or need in life. Brother R.J. is the second half of Skullbone Emporium- based in Denver and provides traditional conjure products, readings, consultations, and client based workings.  

His major involvement is bringing his background in logistics and project management to help coordinate the events. Though his role is mainly focused behind the scenes he will be around the event for readings and to answer any questions, and bringing his passions for traditional Rootwork and Conjure to others in his home town. 

You can find him on Instagram @b.rj.james 

Facebook: Brother R.J. James & SkullboneEmporium.com