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Beverly Smith - "Doctor beverly"

Doctor Beverley is a "two-headed" conjure woman, an empath, and a justified spiritual worker. She is a diviner, skilled in bone reading and tarot. A life-long student of herbalism, aromatherapy, African-American and Caribbean-American folk magic, she custom-blends and handcrafts spiritual baths, condition soaps, oils, & sachets (in small batches, freshly made-to-order for each client). A Reiki Master and long-time yogi, she believes in the Mind-Body-Soul connection to spiritual growth and healing. 

Doctor Beverley is available for readings and spiritual counseling. She has a soft spot for sex workers, dancers, gamblers, and all those who are discriminated against in any way.

She may be found on Facebook: Doctor Beverley, Spiritual Gangsta and online at


CLASS: So Many Ways to Do It”: Cursing and Crossing in Conjure

Been done wrong? Caught between the rock and the hard place by your enemies or people that wish you harm? What can you do when it seems there simply is no justice left in this tired old world? You can join us as Doctor Beverley takes us down the road of Cursing and Crossing. From the Graveyard to The Crossroads and all points in between Doctor Beverley will be teaching on the rich world of curse work in hoodoo/conjure. From the ethics and morals of justified cursing, dirts and powders, doll babies, jar spells, tying and binding, to the history of foot track magic. Learn the needs and means of dealing with your enemies either by reversing or cursing when there is simply no other way. Leave a faint heart at home and be ready to take notes when Doctor Beverley teaches how to lay it down and get it done.